Monday, February 20, 2012

Challenges of Poverty

Poverty is a sign of danger for human beings and human rights. Driven by poverty, hungry man can go to any extent, even committing a crime.

Far from the world of poverty, today's Globe is taking the form of a comprehensive interdependent structures, crossing borders and time. Because of the revolution in sectors such as communications and transport that are happening so fast that none of the country today can stand aside in the economic, cultural and intellectual world. In the field of science knowledge and experience, it is only with the cooperation of other countries, which paves the way to move forward. With this vision of organizations and institutions are created and opened new avenues of cooperation.

Today, in the true sense, it is the global spread of cultural exchange and capital investments that lead to provide an effective system of globalization. It looks nice, but the picture is incomplete. This is another aspect which is not dear to us. And that is associated with poverty.

Needless to say, globalization, in its nature, is an expensive process in which the economy is massively activated. In addition, the way globalization is taking place depends on the interest of some pre-established and large countries. Many things have believed that this state of economic prosperity in the participating countries would reach a certain level. But the reality is quite different.

Today, in the process of globalization, almost all countries - rich, poor, modern, traditional, etc. - involved blind, perhaps with the impression that the only way to development. However, its effects are quite different in both rich and poor countries. Many theorists believe that as an imperialist or say, "neo-imperialism", in which the developed countries make a new kind of colony. Multinational companies are worse examples in this regard, which holds a majority share of the rich industrial countries. Thus, a large chunk of their profits too, no doubt going in their favor.

There are also some other effects of globalization, which can be seen in the form of media, fashion and consumer behavior. The way foreign brands are pouring into the domestic market are genuine interests, likings and needs of Indian consumers. Their commercials are more aggressive hidden secret. As a result, their demands are increasing day by day. Among all this, a new culture of luxury and prosperity flourishes, but is losing ground very quickly. Indian values ​​of life such as simplicity, inherent, self-dependence and has a tendency to lose the unwanted stuff in the background.

The process of reformation and privatization going at a fast rate. As a result, the system of education and health of all the weaker by the day for ordinary people. In this way, social security cover and the weakening of its influence on the condition of the poor adversely.

The poor are always on the edge of society and they have to deal with a number of obstacles to the realization of their human rights. The people of the upper layers of disturbed them of their rights. They also received low wages and their participation in education, etc. is very low. If we look at the index of human rights, they come close to the bottom. They do not even get their legitimate rights and normally continue to abuse. Poverty has no place in the globalization process. Although globalization is not sensitive to social diversity. Indian society and its system may have reached a point where we need to decide in what form and how globalization is balanced in its approach, will be accepted. This would be in their interest to accept it in a balanced form.

Poverty in India should be examined critically in the context of human rights. At the same time, global dialogue is needed on this issue. Only then will we be able to define a new model for resource and building our culture, and take some concrete steps for its eradication.

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