Monday, February 20, 2012

You Should Occupy

With each passing day, millions of people around the world struggle to cope with the fallout from the recession 2008th People make difficult decisions in many situations ranging from whether they should turn the heat or put food on the table, to pay their mortgages and losing their homes.

Is not it ironic

We're all struggling, and some more than others, we all take huge hit as a result of reckless decisions of those empowered to make such decisions on our behalf. But greed is not stopped, those at the top and continue to increase their wealth by paying bonuses for bankers to grow to 40% in some cases, while the average wages of workers stagnated face, loss of wages, working hours and for many their jobs. We are made to feel that we are all guilty of it and to some degree to correct it. So the real question is who is really paying the price?

At first it seems obvious, most people will say, well, we are, day laborer, and I join you in that decision. Occupying the movement is a direct response to the injustice that we were too blind, lived under and in some cases to ignorance and I will try to highlight them for you and let you decide if Occupy what you think it is, or what the media wants to think that, but that decision can only come from you.

So, what all the fuss is about

We live in a world that is becoming increasingly divided, unfair and unjust, it is far from being local or national problem, it is truly a global one. Financial markets and corporations have long been used and installed our desires through the use of mass media and PR projects, to promote their wares as being essential for life, but it came at great cost. Millions live and work in slave-like conditions such as, Africa is by far the most exploit the continent in the world that is torn by the Western powers and other world powers. People are forced to work at gun point to give her gold jewelry, children are forced to weave by hand to provide cheap clothes, the people of the mining of radioactive materials and other materials hazardous to health, without any security deal by May we have a cheap source of energy for our nuclear power plants.

We are told that the days of slavery through, and we promote the fact that we abolished and penalized first, but do not make a mistake, it is very much still here and our corporation continues to play an active role in maintenance. The reason is not visible, because corporations and the media do not want to see it, it would be very bad for business. So, rather than strengthen the bankroll and ruthless dictators and war lords to ensure the continuation of slavery in the quest for profit. These same people keep media at bay with the use of deadly force to prevent access to these activities. All we see are the end products, and while we are wrong then everything is OK, right?

The exploitation of Africa has been going on for centuries and it was colonial powers that divided the continent without regard to the diversity of cultures and traditions in which many were lost. Have you ever wondered why the lines are straight on the map? This is because they drew the line, we have divided Africa as a piece of cake, and began the process of slaves most notorious slave triangle. Many years have passed since the imperialism, but he is still here, but it goes a different name.

Economic imperialism, to this day we continue to exploit people in Africa and more recently the Middle East has become a victim of it. Why do you think we only go to war against countries that have resources, they have no control over. When Saddam, (the man we put in power, in the first place and carry the food for oil program), tried to change the currency in which oil is sold in Iraq, suddenly we find ourselves under the banner of deployment of weapons of mass destruction and that such a threat to the world . We all know that this is simply lying. This brings us to another question, why we were there so long.

Well I can give you a logical answer to this, when weapons of mass destruction is not an excuse, our politicians need to find a way to provide for the presence in Iraq. So they created a riot, you must also be noted that we used the same tactics to defeat Nazi Germany in the Middle East during World War II. Some elements that I can not name the target by opposing factions of terrorism itself, dressing up as a Sunni Muslim and Shia Muslims indiscriminately bombing caused massive upheaval in the country, and thus our excuse was born. Due to the instability and in-house fighting we had to maintain presence, or not? Iraq could be left alone, but it was not, it could be repaired within 6 months when the support of the local population, but it was not. Just like Vietnam, it was a war that must be maintained, and the war is profitable, and not for the people, but for companies and financial institutions.

The same principles can be applied to Libya, where it only when there was no chance of winning Gaddafi did not the Western powers who had special interests (eg oil contracts) switched sides and helped people. Syria is facing a similar situation, the Government will be watching closely, putting their roles and it's odds on who will win before the intervention is done. These interventions can come in many forms, the economic Hitmen, military supplies, air support or if they side with the people, political empowerment (simply put, to create a PR project is supported by politicians friendly to the west).

Why is it that I was able to sit down with people from all over the world and exchange ideas and discuss problems, but without prejudice to our politicians can not? It's about power and who control the world's resources. In Afghanistan, they discovered more than a trillion dollars in proven rare earth minerals. China currently has a global monopoly on these precious resources are used in every electronic device in the world, your I-pod, television, telephones, printers appointed by him, they all contain the rare country that is part of one of the largest markets in the world.

Which brings us to Afghanistan, those in power hate the fact that China has control over these funds, which means it must be nice to them. So in response to the Chinese monopoly of the U.S., followed by Great Britain and its allies continue to maintain a presence in Afghanistan, and will be the case for several decades in opposition to the planned withdrawal, troops can return home, but the power of corporations and logistics as and private security will remain to ensure the security and transportation of these resources.

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