Monday, February 20, 2012

World Responsibility

Restoration of the American Dream: The two favorites are the two sides, namely, Ron Paul and Obama are held in high esteem by their fans for the upcoming U.S. presidential elections. On the basis of personality, and individuals will be amazing, although the leadership qualities and especially for America at the present critical situation with threats from around the world will require an extra-ordinariness to lead the nation and the delicate balance of global status.

Sleep is for the renewal of faith in the American system that makes an ordinary man who bears the burden of poverty is at the top of the rich without any fault of his. Restoration is not a golden dream of the few rich keep the world in slavery under a military force. It is the common man's dream of social security and social benefits of extended use under the legitimate rights of the citizen. To realize this dream requires the creation of sustainable resources through cost reduction and ultimate abolition of the defense investment in the sector that gains nothing but the loss of funds at a cost of global security.

Bold leadership to force drastic changes: To match the dream of U.S. internal security with the needs of the global security needs American leadership should be pragmatic visionary and courageous. Daring quality should be measured potential to cause global uncertainty, but by the wisdom and capability to ensure global security. Leadership is to lead by example, "drag-and-cut'' in the highly militarized world.

Weapons technology is developed to protect the interests of themselves and exploit others. In particular ideology filled with revenge and hatred towards those they consider non-believers existed since the medieval period. This ideology is a powerful all through history especially in their relations with their own kind in their own communities. The development of weapons technology, accompanied with the power of capitalist exploitation worsened this ideology, and is now set to conquer the world starting with the West. Ideologies carriers have decided to march to the west of the holder of technology, and their front line of attack on Israel, while pressing the West to accept them as they are. The challenges require extraordinary leader bold enough to face the threat and bring security to be threatened by changes in the environment.

Restore America to moral responsibility: It is clear that we live in a world that has reached the level of threats that are beyond our ability to cope. These are the nuclear weapons, dangerous ideology, hunger and poverty since the fall of the environment. To protect your long term needs protection from the threat of famine, we must create a sustainable environment, which in turn should enter with a large resource savings. To make up for the lack of resources, there is an urgent need for collective global action to control the cost of much debate defense expenditure invested simply to fight for or against the dreaded supremacy ideology. To reduce the risk (mainly ideological threat in current times), a strategic approach should now be on strict alert elimination of weapons instead of the rhetoric of arms control (in Iran and Israel alone, but all the nuclear powers and the conflict regions). Resources of such savings from controlled military spending can be used in the fight against social insecurity.

To make this approach acceptable by others, that the country can be a better manager than the old unreliable colonialists and imperialists? The unreliable power still believes in the accumulated knowledge with strong institutional capacity built over the centuries and decades, with proven ethics and principles, which, unfortunately, losing ground in the face of profit. There was a time to relax and think seriously about how to apply this approach to the withdrawal, reduced or cut to fit the capacity and restructured to suit the needs better. This exercise can be an exercise of one country should be a global effort led by the experienced with a reformed approach to save the world. Neither the growth of the economy is still struggling to be mature or restore the old super-power is still trying to stay on the boat would be ready to take moral responsibility to the world's savior. It remained in the United States to face the challenges of lead, not military force, which arises cost than the moral responsibility that requires the courage to show noble 'role model'. For all this effort, honest democratic process to choose a wise leader, not just good for Americans, but well-intentioned towards the whole human race, it becomes a mandate for U.S. citizens in the upcoming elections of 2012, the year in the Chinese dragon.

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