Monday, February 20, 2012

Security High Priority

The games are set to be not only the largest peacetime event in the UK has seen, but the greatest work of our police forces have had to tackle the Blitz. The proposed initiatives are currently focused training to 250,000 officers and staff, including how to tackle the terrorist threat, public disorder, organized crime and what is described as "natural disasters".

Nick Gargan, Executive Director for the improvement of the national Police Agency (NPIA) said: "Awareness training is recognized that the game will be a huge national police operation involving forces across the country to ensure that the games are policed ​​effectively but unobtrusively, so that celebrations are not in the shadow of security operations. "

Although this initiative by the NPIA will play an important role in informing the police forces across the country has further emphasized the need for additional security personnel in support of the general security of the Games, before, during and after the event.

Assistant Commissioner Chris Allison, National Olympic Security Coordinator said: "Every force in the UK will play a key role in the Olympics - whether through the provision of mutual assistance hall or police forces in the Olympics-related events. Games will be a once in a lifetime event and it is essential that they are policing them clearly what is expected. "

There is still time to make your contribution to the Olympic Games 2012th By understanding the complexity of what a massive security regime will be necessary to ensure the event runs smoothly, the opportunity to have worked there, regardless of capacity, will add considerable honor to his resume and his future in the security industry.

Games themselves, starting with the torch relay in May to the closing of the Olympic Park in September, will provide four months of hands-on experience on the set size and scope that is likely to be repeated in the UK for a very long time, and do not forget the need for security protection before and after games.

If you are looking for a way to boost your credentials it is time to act now to get your SIA license a good time to play, and who knows what could be appointed to one of the crack teams of employees were in the village, the game alone or in one of the many events dotted around the capital. This kind of opportunity, such as the National Coordinator for Security, said the Olympics "will be when-in-lifetime event, this is your chance to make a significant change in your future outlook for employment.

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