Sunday, June 10, 2012

Escape London

London is a great city, and no one can deny it. It is a vibrant city, it's crowded, it is congested, things are always moving (except traffic). Noise, people, colors, flashing lights KB all those wonderful and not so wonderful things that make a city. This is actually a love hate relationship for people who live and work in London. At least for me it is. Some people embrace the whole thing is based in London, because there is always entertainment on your doorstep. But some people just get out right after work. I drugi.Ja live in the suburbs, rather trek out of the office, but it gives me the balance I need from the busy city. On weekends I usually do not go back to smoke, unless I go to the vintage market, see a play, show, or if I really really need the proper Chinese food fix (I'm homesick from time to time). I think I almost avoid the city if it did not work. If I tell people to live in the burbs, they were quite surprised, especially people my age. They say they can not do that, first of all, is not that much cheaper, if you add up their transportation fees. Second of all, is not it a bit boring? Sometimes we do not get bored, but this is when the tube that goes into the city. However, most of the time, I find that the burbs have a lot to offer, there is almost enough to explore that I do not think I can see everything, and if you pay real close attention to your surroundings in these old towns, as well as the inscription on walls and churches, you will be amazed at the amount of history about vas.U any case, one of my favorite places in the suburbs of the old town of Amersham. Amersham is probably one of the last stops on the Metropolitan Line Output in North West. While visiting the old city I saw a plague on the side near the market hall. For him, said: "Amersham is documented in the Domesday Book as Elmodesham ... and got in the market and fair status of King John in the year 1200 ...". I stood in a city that has more than 1000 years ago and stands in the same market hall which people are trafficked from the 1682nd Little has changed in regard to street layout and architecture. People always say, this is what it looks like in the old days, or is it what is a few hundred years, and in Amersham, you can see their očima.Nedaleko from the parking lot in the old city where the St. Mary's still stands. The church is a Grade 1 listed building. The church itself dates back to 1140AD and is a holy place where the Roman road crosses the River Misbourne. This is the place where 1000 years ago, the monks of St. Augustine Baptist Baptist bishops and their converts. Sometimes if you look at some of the monuments on the graves around the church, wondering what life was like for a person who is buried beneath a couple of hundred years. Wondering if their family is still around, or just lay the grave of his zaboravljene.Amersham old city also has plenty of quality bars, using high-quality traditional English breakfast and coffee. Broadway is also home to many quaint shops selling home accessories. Even high end brands such as phase eight, suddenly becoming unusual, but usually is among a number of Elizabethan and Tudor coaching Inn objekata.Ako Central London is becoming unbearable, and prefer a quiet morning somewhere in the country. Consider visiting these small towns, and enjoy every bit of the history they have to ponuditi.Kuga side of Market Hall, Amersham.

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